The story of two girls behind creating 'The Sound Space' a platform to take you on a journey of the phenomenal world of sound & healing.


The Sound Space is an expression of our love for the arts, deeply rooted in our musical childhood. Having grown up in a house where music was an integral part of our lives, we found that music is a wonderful way to experiment and explore. We found, that music has such a huge impact on one’s life and mind and can affect every aspect of one’s journey - from that of conception. We felt an urge to be able to share this joy with as many people as possible. We went on to complete our theoretical and practical education in Indian Classical Music, along with our degrees in Psychology. This afforded us the ability to understand the human mind and use our knowledge of music to impact it. This went on to becoming the inspiration behind The Sound Space.
We started our journey, gradually paving our way and teaching music in a deconstructed form to children and adults - making it relevant and accessible. It was becoming more apparent to us  that Indian Music, and music and its immense power in general needed to be made more amenable and accessible to people in a fun, contemporary way.  We created and continually refined specialised classes and sessions for institutions and schools around the city. We found increasing evidence that music and sound has an impact far beyond what meets the eye, and that we were able to touch the lives of so many people through this channel.

This experience led to the creation of specialised sessions for children and adults from all walks of life with various objectives - focusing energy, healing, recovery, post-trauma rehabilitation and even simply learning the art of music. 

Since then, The Sound Space has hosted seven house-full concerts featuring the students of The Sound Space along with maestros like Shubha Mudgal and Taufiq Qureshi. We have worked with reputed schools like Bombay International School, Cathedral and John Connon School, J.B.C.N schools and many more. We have also worked with NGOs like Jai Vakeel Foundation, Akanksha Foundation and so on.

Today, what started as just a duo is now flourishing into a team of 20 teachers and educators. We have been very lucky to have come across and worked with wonderful people from our field. It is our dream to unite with like-minded people and be able to share the joy and power of music and sound with people not only from our country, but across the world.

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